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However, in Display campaigns we attack a user according to a certain profile, but we do not know if at the time we show the ad the user is actively looking for a product or service like ours, and in fact it is most likely that they are not. East. Intent is low, which is why we get far fewer clicks than on the Search Network. CTR Search Display Search and Display campaigns show different CTRs  If we use hybrid campaigns Display Select we must do the analysis using the Network segment, since otherwise we will see very low CTRs, because the CTR of the Display Network will affect the global one.

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Display campaigns, the CTR is different depending on how close the campaign is to the user’s purchase intent. A brand campaign in the Search Belize Phone Number List Network will always be the closest one the user is looking to buy our service, it is easy for us to get the click and therefore we should see a higher CTR than the rest of the campaigns.  lower CTR, since, although the user is actively looking for a product service like ours, they could choose another brand’s ad. A generic campaign will still have a lower CTR, since we will include more open terms.

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We will expand the pie, and therefore, it is possible that the user does not want our service product for the search they perform. It is expected that a competing campaign has a lower CTR than previous campaigns, since the user is actively Phone List looking for another advertiser’s product service, and therefore it is difficult for us to get their attention. You will have to unleash your creativity if you want to get that click. CTR Purchase Intent CTR by type of campaign Something similar happens in Display campaigns , the more specific the audience we choose regarding our product service, the CTR will be higher.

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