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Tell us how your experience has been. When we founded Digital Menta , one of the main challenges we had was to provide ourselves with tools to have an efficient company in terms of managing all the company’s internal processes . We recommend reading this article to any SME that is starting out because we believe that it can be of great help and reduce the time it takes to select the different tools they need. I wish someone had given us these tips. For the selection of the tools we had mainly two premises That they were in the cloud.

That They Were Easy To Use

Below we list all those tools that we use today with their pros and cons. Table of Contents Hide . Google Apps Tools for collaboration SMEs . Asana Project management tool for SMEs . Everhour Project time management in the cloud . Zoho Invoice Tool Turkey Phone Number List for multi currency invoicing . Digisigner Contract document management tool for SMEs . Cam Scanner Scanner on your mobile and in the cloud . Bitrix , CRM for SMEs in the cloud . Review Tool for Accounting SMEs . Google Apps Tools for collaboration SMEs Suite of Google tools for mail, office automation and Google storage. and simple way, for us at first it was a very clear decision.

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Without Astronomical Costs

The only drawback that we see with the suite is that many workers are used to working with Outlook for email management, so they may feel a bit uncomfortable at first using the tool. The price is around per user per year in the basic version. . Asana Phone List Project management tool for SMEs Asana is a tool we use to manage projects of all kinds. From web design and development projects, to advertising account management projects. It is a comfortable and easy to use tool that allows you, among other things, to create recurring tasks, copy entire projects, share tasks with other employees, chat by project, link documents to projects, etc.

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