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Last but not least, one of the advantages that call only campaigns can bring to our business is to eliminate a step in our conversion funnel . With the search ads that we all know, our potential client or lead must See the ad > Click on it > Interact with our landing page > Give us the Lead However, with call ads, the user should View the ad > Call > Leave the lead All these advantages lead us to ask ourselves are call ads valid for all advertisers? For which profile of advertisers is the use of Call Only Campaigns most optimal? In principle, any advertiser that offers telephone support is a good candidate for these ads. At Digital Menta we are supporters of.

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Maybe these campaigns will bring you a better CPC or CPA, even bring you a handful of extra conversions. However, it is possible to detail a series of profiles that can benefit most from this type of campaign . Some example of these can be Thailand Phone Number List Marketing of complex products and services, in which the client requires advice for the purchase or contracting. are not displayed appropriately on mobile devices Advertisers interested in registrations and capturing leads. Small advertisers who prefer a call rather than another type of slower contact, such as plumbers, electricians, locksmith services. conversion Call.

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Only Campaigns Conversion settings for Call Only Campaigns Is it possible to measure conversions from Call Only Campaigns ? Definitely yes, although in a particular way, the same way we do with call extensions. If we want to measure those Phone List calls of more than a certain time as conversions , we must configure a call conversion using a Google forwarding number , and indicate the minimum duration that we want the calls to have to be counte as conversion. Have you already incorporat C all Only Campaigns into your online lead capture strategy.

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