Afghanistan Phone Number Excessive imitation makes domestic SaaS lose the golden decade

However, the reality is that the global SaaS has entered the second golden decade (2020~2030); while the golden decade of domestic SaaS has not arrived as scheduled, but more SaaS companies have fallen into deeper and deeper predicaments.

2. Over imitation: The unicorn trapped in the track

I have a project that needs to be funded, so I have been intensively visiting the partners of several funds recently. I thought they would discuss Afghanistan Phone Number business-related issues with me. But they were most concerned about the “track” issue.

This question is really not easy to answer, because our project has not yet found a target overseas SaaS track.

But through this incident, I seem to see Afghanistan Phone Number one of the main reasons why domestic SaaS is trapped, that is, excessive imitation . That is to copy the reference system of overseas markets to China, a special symbol is the so-called track.

This must verify whether domestic enterprise customers have real demand for the SaaS services provided. Instead of taking it for granted that if there is demand overseas, there must be domestic demand.

Potential dividends: sinking the market and segmenting services

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

Big companies can’t do it, and SMB doesn’t need it. Where is the way out for domestic SaaS?

In this matter, I still adhere to two viewpoints as always: sinking the market and segmenting services .

These two things need to be consider Afghanistan Phone Number together. Which is to give up the obsession of copying overseas tracks. Based on the SMB service market, create a track entry for your own business in an end-to-end manner.

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Controversy inevitably arises every time this issue is discusse. For example: should you be a big customer first, or SMB? Does SMB have a need for SaaS? Can the SMB market produce unicorns?

First of all, starting from SMB is also a helpless choice for domestic SaaS. It is good to be able to be a big customer. But the problem Afghanistan Phone Number is that the startup company still lacks big customer service experience. And the copied track is difficult to replace and penetrate into the existing IT system of large enterprises. Therefore, we can only adopt a bottom-up strategy, obtain more service experience from the SMB market. And then penetrate Afghanistan Phone Number upwards in a segmented business manner.

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