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Civil Engineering Dental Hygiene Economics English Mathematics Nursing Physics Graduate Programs Aerospace Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Dental Hygiene Economics Electrical Engineering and Computer Science English Language and Literature Human Genetics Mathematics Nuclear Engineering and Radiology Sciences Physics University of Michigan Rankings Michigan has built a reputation as one of the best universities in the Unite State. Currently, Michigan occupies notable positions in state and national ranking. National Rankings nd in Top Public Universities in America nd in Best Colleges for Sports Management in America hrd in Best Colleges for Kinesiology and Physical Therapy in America th in.

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Best Colleges for Information Technology Ukraine Phone Number List in America th in Best Big. Colleges in America th Hardest Colleges to Get Into in Michigan st in Colleges with the. Best Academics in Michigan st in Colleges with the Best Professors in Michigan st in Best. Colleges in Michigan st in Best for Biology in Michigan st in Michigan University of Michigan. Acceptance Rate The acceptance rate of any college or university is the number of admitte applicants against the overall applications receive at the institution. Universities with admit rates above are considere to be less selective in their admission process. Statistics at Michigan show that a total of, applicants applie to the university and only, applicants were admitte for the class of. The acceptance rate at the University of Michigan is.

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This simply means that out of every applicants Michigan only admits. The University of Michigan acceptance rate is a bit challenging and lower than the average of most universities in the Unite States. Michigan expects applicants Phone List applying to different degree programs to obtain good grades and high standardize test scores. Also Read: Cheapest Universities in USA for International Students GPA Requirement at Michigan Since the University of Michigan only admits below one quarter of its overall applicants, one would expect its requirements for GPA to be competitive. The average GPA at Michigan is. A standard that is quite selective and requires applicants to be at the top of their class. SAT Requirement.

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