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Editor’s introduction Algeria Mobile Number As a knowledge payment service APP, it has developed rapidly since its establishment, and has generated over 100 million income and a large number of users within a few years. How did Get APP rise rapidly in just a few years? What is the current state of the paid knowledge industry? This article will give you a detailed analysis.


1. Industry analysi Algeria Mobile Number  knowledge payment refers to the form of realizing its commercial value by using the Internet platform as a carrier and using knowledge as a commodity or service. Internet knowledge content is presented in a variety of ways, which can be disseminated through media such as graphics, audio and video, and presented in the form of questions and answers, columns, courses, communities, and consultation. Internet-based knowledge-paying enterprises mainly build knowledge exchange and sharing platforms . Through and charge a certain amount of fees for the provision of knowledge content. So why has the Internet knowledge payment industry ushered in explosive growth since.  Since the Internet knowledge payment industry is an industry that is deeply affected by macro .Next we use the PEST model to explore the reasons behind it.


1. Politics level

Algeria Mobile Number Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council promulgated the “Opinions on Improving the Property Rights Protection System and Protecting Property Rights by Law”, requiring greater punishment of intellectual property infringements, raising the statutory upper limit of compensation for intellectual property infringement, and exploring the establishment of intellectual property rights such as patents and copyrights. The punitive damages system for infringement has greatly increased the cost of intellectual property infringement.

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Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

2. Economic level

With the  Algeria Mobile Number development and popularizationInternet. The scale of mobile IChina has shown an obvious upward trend. Forming a huge base of potential users for the Internet knowledge payment industry. According to CNNIC statistics, the scale of mobile Internet users in China has increased from 560 million in. This rose to  and is expect grow billion. But, In addition with the upgrading consumption  the improvement of . But, Education  has also continued to grow. Entertainment accounted for capita consumption expenditure of residents.

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