Although saving your own money is the same as attending the Fuji Talk, it will be easier for those who really want to worship Mount Fuji

Some people established the “Fuji Talk”.”Kai” in Japan is a mutual aid association, and the members of the mutual aid association are called “speakers”. “Fuji Talk” is a mountaineering mutual aid association on Mount Fuji, which allows people who want to climb Mount Fuji to jointly raise funds to reduce everyone’s burden, and then let everyone take turns to climb Mount Fuji.


This kind of “speaking” mutual aid

Association is one of the Nepal Phone Number traditional cultures in the life of the common people in Japan. In the past, when the Japanese went to visit the Ise Shrine, they would also raise funds through the “Ise Talk”. In the mid-1960s, there were many fraud crimes in Japan that used members to make money. This type of crime is commonly known as Talk” (rat talk).Fujiko” appeared around the Edo period. There is a legend that the person who first started the “Fujiko” was Hasegawa Kakunoyuki. Hasegawa corner line is Yamabushi.To use the economic sense of modern Japan as an analogy, suppose a certain Fujitsu has 100 members, and each of them pays 1,000 yen per month to Fujitsu. In one year, Fujiko will have 1.2 million yen in funding.


If Fuji told 10 people to climb Mount

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Fuji a year. Each person would have travel expenses of 120,000 yen. Which is a figure that c safely travel .These 100 people  able to climb Mount Fuji once in 10 years.If you save 1,000 yen a month.You  save 120,000 yen in 10 years. Although saving your own money is .The same as attending the Fuji Talk, it  easier for those who really . To worship Mount Fuji to join the Fuji Talk. Because everyone can exchange experiences and have companions when traveling, they can take care of each other. And the efficiency of travel  better.After the appearance of Fuji Talk. The people of Edo became popular to climb Mount Fuji.In the late Edo period. The financial situation of the shogunate was poor, and the people’s lives were quite uneasy.

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