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In the past few years, the acceptance rate at Duke University has been on a selective standard, with. in, and dropping to a low. in the application year. The acceptance rate at Duke University is. which is extremely selective. Those who were admitte into the class of are in the top of their graduating class. With an acceptance rate of., Duke University only admits out of every applicants. Duke establish an admit rate lower than the national average for universities in the Unite States. Getting into Duke University is very competitive and challenging, with thousands of applications receive and only a few accepte. If you want to be the next freshman at Duke, you should consider getting high grades and test scores while still in high school.

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Duke Acceptance Rate for Early Decision The Ivory Coast Phone Number List Early Decision application. At selective colleges and universities is always less competitive and many applicants use this meium to gain admission. Duke University Early Decision applicants were, and only were admitte into the class of. This makes the acceptance rate for Early Decision stand at , less selective than the admit rate for Regular Decision. GPA Requirement The acceptance rate of colleges and universities shows how more or less selective they are regarding the admission process. Duke University has a single digit acceptance rate, which requires the best grades and high test scores. On average, Duke’s standard for high school GPA is. SAT Requirement Middle SAT Range: Here are the statistics for the new SAT scores.

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Section Average th Percentile th Percentile Math Phone List Reading Composite ACT Requirement ACT Range: Here are the ACT scores for the th and th percentile. Percentile th th ACT Score Application Requirement at Duke University An application to the admission committee at Duke University requires essential high school documents. Applicants who applie in the last admission cycle submitte their application via the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Also Read: NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate By Major | All You Nee to Know First Year Application Requirements All first year applicants must provide these secondary high school documents and apply through the application platforms.

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