Bezos Also Switzerland Phone Number Said That This Is Just a Differential Pricing Experiment

Shown to different customers, and it has absolutely nothing to do with customer data. Everything is just for testing. Some netizens said that the fast food giant KFC has also been expose to a similar situation. Some netizens and Switzerland Phone Number their partners ordere meals through KFC’s WeChat applet, and the same member-exclusive price, but the price displaye on the netizen’s mobile phone was higher than that of the partner. Big data killing is not uncommon in China. And it is roughly reflecte in “price discrimination” behaviors such as “showing low prices to new users, showing high prices to old users and even paying users, and raising prices for consumers who frequently buy and have strong purchasing power.”

It is difficult for users to find that

Many. The platform presents users with a better personalized experience through the thousands of faces”. On the other hand, the presentation of thousands Switzerland Phone Number of people and thousands of faces can precisely harvest members’ wallets. Because of this, it is difficult for users to find that they have been cut, and even if they do, it is difficult to prove. There is a certain difficulty in determining whether the platform has “killing” and other violations.

The big data can only be blamed

Switzerland Phone Number

Because the platform can explain it from different reasons such as different package discounts, peak and off-peak prices. Scarcity and non-scarcity. Therefore, due to the asymmetry of user information, big data has successfully become Switzerland Phone Number an implicit business model of the platform economy. The reason why the target of killing is the member, not the non-member, if you find the reason from the business logic level, there are probably a few points. First of all, we know that for the rights and interests of members and non-members. The platform does not limit its own responsibility from the perspective of breach of contract. Therefore, in this way, the big data can only be blame on the level of business ethics.

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