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How to create a track online? Let’s see this process from the perspective of a real business.

Step 4:

I am a person who likes to read Belgium Phone Number stuff on blogs. Someone recommended Ryan Robinson’s blog to me.

(Don’t forget word of mouth – where businesses delight the existing customer and recommend them to others).

I Try to Find It on the Internet

Step 1:

(A complete attraction strategy)

2nd step:

I subscribed to their newsletter by providing my email address.



Belgium Phone Number

Step 3:

After signing up, I start getting updates on new blog posts.
I keep reading them because they are worth reading

The blog offers me a blogging course for $100.
Since the content I have been reading for months is relevant to me and I admire the quality of the content, I enroll in the course.

(Deal done;)

Step 4:

After the course, I receive follow-up emails about the benefits of the course.
I was very satisfied. The course was awesome. It improved my blogging skills. They offer me a special offer in exchange for my comments. I’m ecstatic because they doubled the value for me.
In the next session with my circle of bloggers, I recommend the course to a few of my friends (Delight the customer and get word of mouth for free; Step 4)

I know what you’re thinking.

It’s too much bookish text but the next section demanded an understanding of long forgotten facts. So a quick skimming would also serve the purpose.

Here’s the practical part of email lead generation.

8 High-Converting Strategies for Email Lead Generation
Email Marketing Automation
Automating emails for lead generation is an essential step to preserving your marketing hours.

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What does it mean?

You can opt for automation software to make it easier to analyze your website and do so much more for you.

For instance:

If you use an email automation tool, it performs the segmentation on your behalf.
These tools trigger emails in response to a specific set of defined rules/actions.

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