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The objective of Futurizz is to be the event that connects the entire digital ecosystem Big Data, Mobility, e Commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Brand Content, digital and mobile technologies Internet of Things, Wearables. Futurizz’s approach is very similar to that of the eShow, which was also held just over a month ago in Barcelona. In this other article we already talked about the eShow of Barcelona . The truth is that the two events are frankly similar for the visitor and our opinion about Futurizz is obviously positive , as it is about the eShow. Both events have exhibitors.

General Talks For All The Public With

VIP talks after their respective payment . Regarding the exhibitors, there are no major differences, many of them being the same at the two Japan Phone Number List events eShow exhibitors and Futurizz exhibitors . opinion about futurizz Carlos Solis, Performance Director at Hello Media at Futurizz The vast majority of these exhibitors offer solutions related to the Internet world, the type of which is normally a technology company, which helps businesses improve the performance of their online channels and innovate in the face of increasingly tight competition in almost all sectors.

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A Basic Ticket And Other Premium

Here we find email marketing platforms , Mail Automation, Sales Automation, business consultants, advertising platforms, banks, logistics companies, agencies, etc. Really, at the organizational level facing the public, very few things change and it is difficult to determine which of the two events provides something differential with respect to the Phone List other. professionals since they allow learning from all the professionals who share news about the industry and generate ideas to develop different businesses from the point of view of Online Marketing. Here we make a selection of some of the exhibitors with whom we were speaking and who seem very interesting to us and to take into account because they offer something innovative.

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