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The brand is a fundamental asset for the company. Because it is the lever that acts on the human mind. This is why brand management remains fundamental in the activities of the CMO. Chief Marketing Officer), even today that technology and Martechs occupy more and more space in the Marketing. Today, however, it is no longer just a matter of exploiting. Mass channels and weaving good PR. In the era of full-digital and omnichannel. Brand awareness is no longer “relegated” to TV. Commercials and traditional campaigns. communication, but becomes one with the web, social media, influencer marketing and search engines.

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Brand awareness, what it is

What is the meaning of the term brand awareness? Literally awareness means awareness, therefore brand awareness, but the translations are different. It is generally translated into “ brand appeal” or brand or brand awareness.  And indicates the level of consumer satisfaction with a brand. It is a complex value to illustrate, as it is the result of various factors. Which make it possible to fix that brand in the mind of a consumer , so as to transform it into the first logical option when purchasing a product or service. 

A well-known love brand is Lavazza , which has focused Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers on personalization and a data driven approach, developing a Customer Data Platform . Thanks to digital technology, today it is possible to generate many different creatives, to create increasingly individualized messages and opportunities for interaction, with evident effects on sales activation.

Another successful example is that of  Nike . It is not just a brand that is bought to “appear” athletic, but to “be”. Nike has managed to move from interacting with its customers to relationships, in a more intimate and useful dimension.

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Brand awareness: how it is measured

Brand awareness is therefore found in the mind of the consumer. Its value is measured through the Aaker Pyramid : a metaphorical representation of the various levels of attractiveness of a brand. The base of the pyramid sees the absence of knowledge, and then rises towards a superficial or in-depth knowledge of the brand. Aaker’s tip, on the other hand, corresponds to the “ top of mind ”: once this level has been reached, the brand in question represents the first thought of a consumer, when it comes to repeating the shopping experience. It is also possible to compare this level to the concept of loyalty, which is easier to understand. To measure brand awareness there are various tools. First of all, you need to engage in a search on Google and with Web Analytics tools , and on Facebook with Insights: to measure site traffic.

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