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That’s it you got the link. In this simple way you can purchase several thousand links at the same time if the balance allows. Overview of the Links Sape service Speaking of money rental links are paid daily. This means that upon purchase the system will charge off 1 30 of the amount indicate in the table daily. You can check the status of links on the Links page. OK means that the link has been purchase and will be poste soon. Wait the system is waiting for confirmation from the site owner. This usually takes several hours. The money is not debite. Overview of the Links Sape service Important point! All links are poste on the site within an hour after the OK status is assigne. But if the webmaster does not place the link within a week the links will be automatically remove and the rent money will be returne to the account Step.

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Follow the dynamics in your personal Bahrain Phone Number List account. After mining links follow them on the page of your project. What you can see here site link anchor status active or not quality indicators of the donor site. The higher the indicators the more weight it will give to the site the more trust in this section. Also here you can remove links that have worke their way. Contextual and relevant links We have considere only rental links. Links will also help you find contextual and relevant links. Contextual links are links that are place in articles on a specific topic. For example an anchor link to the site of turbochargers in the text about industrial equipment. By the way this is a Sape outreach format that has been implemente for a long time and only pro link builders know about it. Mining contextual links with Sape is the same as buying rental links but there are a couple of nuances.

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Bahrain Phone Number List

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We return to the exchange and go to the tab My projects Pick up Contextual links still the same green button on the right. Overview of the Links Sape service We look at the list of parameters. It is slightly different from Phone List the form of donor selection already familiar to us. Adde several fields for selecting topics. Here you nee to select the industry that matches the anchor of the link. Overview of the Links Sape service Pay attention to the keywords field. Here you nee to specify the anchors that will go along with the links. It makes sense to write no more than 1–3 words so that the system selects relevant sites. Overview of the Links Sape service The further process is almost the same as acquiring ordinary rental backlinks. You form a list of donors choose the most suitable sites and buy places on these sites.


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