Characteristics of an influencer they generate trust something they achieve thanks to the way in which they

In other words, Transmit their knowledge and way of life. If a user likes what you share and trusts you, you have a lot of ground gained. This is achieved, for example. By being honest about the products you like. And those you don’t, identifying content. That you are paid to share as advertising, and. Being critical when you need to be. 2# they communicate successfully .They have a natural ability to make themselves .Understood and communicate with their community, translating into new followers. The art of communication has become an essential value for any brand, reflecting on complex. Issues in a simple way. 3# they have knowledge they are experts. On a particular subject. Whether in healthy .Recipes, generating comic pieces or opening .Our eyes to realities about which we can learn every day. Such as the environment , mental health or racism .

They are inspiring people

In other words, Who encourage their Nigeria Phone Number audience to learn every day and who share their knowledge on different platforms. 4# they interact with their community they do not hesitate to respond to the comments of their followers, whom they often listen to and ask to know what they want them to talk about. It is also becoming more and more common for them to allow their followers to ask them questions that they usually answer through q&a videos (questions and answers) on youtube or in stories format through instagram , using a sticker created especially for it. 5 # they publish content continuously the most common is that they have a publication order through a schedule that is often made public, especially when they perform direct on social networks such as youtube, tiktok or instagram.

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If a user posts daily and stops

In other words, Posting for several weeks.Without warning, it’s quite likely that their community. Will dwindle and be missed at the very least. Types of influencers in such a diverse world. It is increasingly possible to differentiate a greate.R number of types of influencers . Which in a more formal way. Can be distinguished by the audience they .Accumulate as follows: nanoinfluencers (between 1k – 10k followers) .Micro -influencers (10k-100k followers) macro influencers (100k – 1 million .Followers) megainfluencers (over 1 million followers) however. The number of followers serves less and less. To identify the quality of the .Content generated by an influencer . Especially when the practice of buying and selling followers has been a massive.

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