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through Instagram thanks to functions Pakistan Phone Number List such as, for example, the possibility of buying directly from the social network without having to go to the brand’s website. Example of social commerce on Instagram: Bershka Stories on Instagram of the Bershka brand (Meet our Bershkastyle Creators, Questionnaire on sustainability) with direct dialogue with users and links to the online store Pakistan Phone Number List Social Commerce on Pinterest Pinterest, the digital bulletin board for graphic arts and photography, declared more than 300 million users worldwide in 2019. Pinterest especially appeals to users looking for products and Pakistan Phone Number List planning to make a purchase , often featuring a visually very aesthetic content on topics such as lifestyle and fashion.

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Images (called “pins”) can be linked to the Pakistan Phone Number List store. The official launch of Pinterest Ads took place in Spain in 2019. Marketing and selling on Pinterest have since benefited from the carousel and video pins, for example.Pakistan Phone Number List In the social media mixPinterest works primarily as a traffic provider and often directs users to the online store through advertisements. Pins on Pinterest mostly inspire women, although the proportion of male users is increasing. Example of social commerce on Bershka’s Pakistan Phone Number List Pinterest Bershka brand Pinterest board with target group oriented product presentation assistance Social Commerce on

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Twitter More than 330 million monthly active Pakistan Phone Number List users around the world use the Twitter short message service. The main characteristic of this platform is the current situation . Twitter is interesting for those companies whose target audience is present in it. In particular, these are media, local suppliers, companies or service providers. Links to the online store are very frequent here. It is also popular, for example, the incorporation Pakistan Phone Number List of videos that inform about campaigns and products. Not all companies use Twitter for direct sales, many use it mainly to improve their image. To do this, they participate in conversations and initiate talks about the brand and its products themselves through tweets.and hashtags .

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