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A Buyer Persona is the definition of a “personality archetype” that encompasses a good percentage of the fans and users of a product or brand. To define it well, it is necessary to include your age, gender, profession, purpose in life, your day to day, how you spend your free time, your educational and socioeconomic level, what affects your purchasing decisions price or quality? and when they like to go shopping, among others. Today there are already many ways to define these customers , but what is important is the clarity that they provide to the advertiser and publicity manager.

When It Comes To Visualizing

The creation of content and media campaigns. It is also important to note that a single Buyer Persona can have more than one possible segmentation and that all of them must be check. over spending your budget One of the most important and Taiyuan Phone Number List interesting aspects of AdWords is the campaign structure. At Digital Menta we have specific strategies develope for Search SEM and Support Network Display and we can ensure that YouTube video is no different. In the case of YouTube campaigns, we consider that the most important thing is to be able to do things ad campaigns on youtube.

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Their Target Audience And Planning

Attribute the budget in the way that really matters We believe that any budget will be define by the campaign itself, the countries in which it takes place, the videos that are going to be promot and finally the audiences with which one wants to Phone List communicate. That is why we recommend creating a campaign for each Buyer Persona and assigning the daily budget to that level. If you are interested in giving priority to a creative or a country, you can always configure shar budgets so that the Buyer Persona continues to have such important campaign configurations as the Bid Scheduling, the Device Modifier, etc.

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