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Create your own website with Joomla: step by step tutorial

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Create your own website with Joomla: step by step tutorial

Make the right decision These are the Turkey WhatsApp Number List most popular CMS The debutantes: new CMS arrive stomping What conditions must the best CMS meet? In conclusion: what is the best CMS? What is the best CMS for me? Make the right decision In the search for the content management system that best suits everyone’s interests, it is easy to lose perspective, since, today, there are between 250 and 300 different programs on the market, Turkey WhatsApp Number List ranging from simple modular systems to blogs to more complete managers for the professional field . The central question that determines the choice revolves around the requirements that a content manager must meet in order to be able to effectively support the project. Scope of application of content managers There are usually three fundamental areas of application for content management systems.

website with Joomla: step by step tutorial

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When deciding on a solution for a new project,  it is essential to consider what is the primary factor that has marked the development of the program. Typically, a distinction is made between web content management , Turkey WhatsApp Number List blog posting and news pages (blog publishing / news) and publication on social platforms (Turkey WhatsApp Number List . tip To find the best CMS and get the most out of it, it is necessary to be clear about the content and objective of the project. Web content management In classic content management for the Internet, it is usually necessary that several writers or administrators can access the backend, something that does not work without a minimally elaborate permission system. It is also advisable to optimize the web page with multimedia content. Other important factors are: good authorship management,

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Create your own website with Joomla

a full-text search function, efficient news management, or the ability to present content in multiple languages. Blogs and news pages This is the blogging format par excellence. Here, it’s essentially about editing and publishing content, interconnecting it with hyperlinks, organizing it into a coherent category structure, and docking it with social media and other web 2.0 features. Added to this are the options for interaction with the reader and the scheduled publication of entries, without forgetting the possibility of creating content without complications and, if possible, on a mobile terminal. Publication on social platforms Developing an online community and presenting it to a large circle of users requires a much wider range of functions than a simple blog.

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