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so you can’t afford to give a bad impression. Before you broadcast your video, take some time to prepare. Remember you can begin with a private broadcast for testing, and use that strategy to test your lighting, sound and other surrounding elements. Make sure you invest in a tripod to avoid the “shaky cam” experience. Also try to minimize any unwanted background noise and ambiance whether indoors or outside. When it comes to key Facebook Live tips for preparation, a strong broadband connection can go a long way too. In this video by Sephora, you’ll notice that the interview is held in front of a clean, non-distracting background, without any shaky cam in sight.


All the while the colors and accessories present highlight the unique personality of the Sephora brand. 4. Make formatting decisions While you’re prepping for your big debut, make sure you take the time to think about how you’ll shoot your video and when you’ll stream it. For instance, when using the Facebook Live app for iOS, you can choose between broadcasting horizontally or vertically–depending on what gives you the best view. Try a little of both options in a test run to see how you look for your audience. Sometimes vertical shooting can make you seem too close to the camera, which might not be ideal for an interview-based video. On the other hand, if you want to have an intimate behind-the-scenes chat with your audience, that could be exactly the vibe you want. In the video below,


Martha Stewart

Uses a horizontal portrait to show more of her surroundings, which are from her own Martha Stewart Home Depot collection. Another decision you will need to make is around whether you’ll use third-party tools or not. Things Georgia Phone Numbes like ECamm or Stage Ten help you create an experience and are easy to use. There are many tools out there, so be sure to research which one is best for you. The last thing about formatting is in how you’ll deliver the content. Do you want to be a talking head, just one person alone? Do you want to invite guests? If you do bring on guests, is it an interview format or a conversation?

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Ask yourself as many questions as you can think of, and then start to answer them. If you can’t answer all of them clearly, the premise might not be strong enough. 5. Choose the right time for your Facebook Live broadcast Timing can be everything when it comes to making an impression on your audience. Just as there are tips for when to send out email campaigns for the best responses, there’s also guidelines for times to host your videos. During a live-streaming event, the last thing you want is to schedule your video to appear when everyone in your target audience is at work or asleep.


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Profile report in in Sprout Make sure you think carefully about your target audience. Luckily, you can use Sprout Social’s Facebook reports to learn more about when your customers interact with you the most. Our Facebook Audience Growth report provides you with the tools you need to measure fan growth and post interactions. 6. Offer context constantly You might naturally assume it’s a good idea to introduce yourself and any other speakers in the beginning of your video broadcast. After all, just like a blog post, your initial aim is to convince people to stick around. However, Facebook Live allows visitors to join the stream at any moment.


So as more people come in, reflect on your introduction and let your audience know what’s happening. For instance, you may want to use lines such as: “Hey, if you’re just joining us, welcome to our broadcast. We’re currently talking about [topic] and we’ve just covered [previous topic].” You should also spend some time to set up the agenda and create an expectation for what they can expect. When people know what’s next, they’re more likely to stick around because there’s an interest in what’s about to be said.

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