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Product development or a change process. An Sri Lanka Phone Number example from our consultancy practice: with the CEO of a well-known online travel company, we organized a Challenge on their internal social platform Workplace for about 15,000 employees. She suspected that many of them were unaware Sri Lanka Phone Number that the company’s mission was to use technology to reduce friction during the travel process. That is why she asked employees what frictions they experienced while travelling. After the Challenge, 80% of the employees knew the mission, but 5 product ideas had also emerged. Various local solutions to existing problems were also picked up by other Sri Lanka Phone Number  business units. The same CEO is also a great champion of equal rights for women.

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Once, when she had an appointment with Neelie Kroes, she asked the entire company for topics of discussion on Workplace. Afterwards she also extensively reported on her conversation with Kroes. 2. Make communication inclusive Leaders must therefore adapt in a hybrid setting. Communication professionals would also do well to examine their own working methods. Of course you have an important role in providing the organization with information, but far too often it remains with sending. In the new hybrid, digital work environment, pressing the publish button is not the end of your work, but the beginning! Then you will link colleagues to your story, ask for their feedback or opinions, for example with an mention , and start a conversation.

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From informing to connecting and involving. It is of Sri Lanka Phone Number  course important that you start that conversation in a place where your interlocutors are present. We call it fishing where the fish are . So less generic messages in general channels and more targeted conversation starters Sri Lanka Phone Number  where your different target groups are active. Such as in groups in Teams, on internal social channels or on the intranet. Also read: Internal communication & digital collaboration in 2022: 10 trends Even better than starting all Sri Lanka Phone Number  conversations yourself is encouraging and facilitating others to do so. In other words, leaders about strategic narratives , but also project managers about achieved milestones or experts about developments in their field.

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