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Boston College Transfer Acceptance Rate and Admissions The acceptance rate for transfer students at Boston College is percent – this is double the average acceptance rate for freshmen which is , sources say. It should be note, however, that this number can vary considerably from year to year depending on the number of applications receive by the school. In addition, transfer students make up only about one percent of the student body. The Boston College community welcomes transfer students. Transfer candidates are students who have earne at least nine creits by the end of the application period for the semester they wish to apply for. About students move to Boston College each year. Most transfer students enrol in the fall semester, with about students in January.

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The Transfer Committee will consider each Iran Phone Number List application separately. The biggest concern during consideration is the college record. However, the SAT and or ACT test scores, essays, high school records, letters of recommendation, work experience and activities are also important parts of the application. In recent years, the most successful students in the transfer process have been successful in both high school and college. What does it take to get into Boston College? A high quality and well thought out application is the key to the getting into BC. This is not just about placing checking the boxes. Each section of the application must be designe and complete by the deadline for admission to Boston College.

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The deadlines for early decisions at Boston College are November and January, and the normal deadline for decisions at Boston Phone List College is JanuaryStay Informe Group Stay Informe Group International Scholarships Courses Schools Careers and Jobs How To Tech Tips Place an Advert Home Universities and Colleges Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT ACT, Tuition, Ranking U UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT ACT, Tuition, Ranking by Chukwuemeka Gabriel June, Johns Hopkins University is one of the best private research institutes in the Unite States, but its acceptance rate is a concern for applicants.


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