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What is a partnership Angelina Vasina spoke about the update of end to end analytics new reports have appeare for analyzing ROMI for associate advertising channels and viewing costs for 60 slices of marketing data. Scaling digital production without increasing staff Ekaterina Ryzhikova project manager for the development of partner networks at Reinforce touche upon the problems of forming the staff of a digital agency. The shortage of personnel is typical for the digital sphere since There are no applicants with the require competencies on the market. So for example all people suitable for the vacancy are already working for competitors it is difficult to preict the load. Today there may be enough specialists.

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But what to do when a big project comes Azerbaijan Phone Number List in on which there will be no one to work on? Of course you can open hiring but you nee to do something with new people when the work on the project is complete even the most experience employees have a limite set of competencies. There is always a chance that a new client will appear with tasks that there will be no one to entrust. Ekaterina identifie two options for solving the problem of staff shortages. Each of them has its own disadvantages through the state the cost of search adaptation management payroll through outsourcing expensive processes of assessment setting and acceptance of tasks. Ekaterina Ryzhikova note that expensive personnel are highly qualifie employees intereste in work.

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They always look at the market and demand an increase in wages. If you don’t do it your competitor will. Problems of the digital market Rainforce offers a third option. This is a platform for delegating template tasks Phone List for SEO development web analytics and working with paid traffic. The platform is responsible for the quality of complete tasks and meeting deadlines. Professional tools for growth and optimization Dmitry Zhokhov CEO of the Click ru platform spoke about the company’s path since 2007 from a small contextual advertising agency to a modern solution for professionals as well as the choice of direction in development. Click ru is a set of professional tools for targete and contextual advertising.

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