Facebook’s sister social platform also becomes an excellent option as a

Content distribution channel, especially if your target market is young people between 18 and 25 years old. The platform lends itself to creativity, thanks to its photo and video tools, and the diversity of its audience make it the perfect place for your Growth Marketers to carry out your brand strategy. And it is that the Instagram algorithm prioritizes the visual elements of your content , together with others such as engagement, interaction with other users, to name a few. As with the previous social network, we recommend carrying out a PPC strategy through Meta Ads to enhance its reach.

Twitter If your goal is to maximize the reach of your

Twitter is another platform to consider. As with Kuwait Phone Number Facebook, the diversity of people who use the platform becomes the ideal terrain for sharing and distributing content that can be enhanced through the use of popular Trending Topics. LinkedIn The professional social network LinkedIn has become the new favorite in the development of digital marketing strategies , and especially in Growth Marketing focused on Business to Business (B2B). And it is that for a couple of years, LinkedIn became a site for professionals from various disciplines to share experiences, establish collaborations, among other activities. But can I carry out a Growth Marketing campaign on LinkedIn? Of course.

We can offer solutions to specialized market niches  useful for

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Dedicated to branches as complex as medicine or engineering, to mention a few examples. 3.2. Email Email remains one of the main means of getting your content to your ideal audience. And it is that although we have new digital interaction platforms, email is still valid as one of the means to establish one-to-one links with customers , in a pleasant way. For this reason, we recommend you not to neglect email marketing . A good email campaign can generate a good return on investment with minimal expense. Without a doubt, this is one of the best plugins, along with a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or another social network. Video platforms Although initially we associate video with entertainment, video platforms have become a new showcase to generate.

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