First Click Assign The Conversion To The First

In the dropdown we can choose at what level we want to see it campaign, ad group, keyword. Lapse of time This screen is very interesting to confirm that the conversion window that we apply in our campaigns is the ideal one. It tells us the time that elapses from when an ad is click until the conversion occurs. route length How many clicks occur until the user converts. It will help you to know if your product service requires many interactions with the campaigns until the conversion price comparison, study of characteristics, etc.

A Comparison Of The Attribution

Models in AdWords, that is, between our own campaigns. We will also see how the use of one model or another influences our cost conversion or South Africa Phone Number List conversion record percentage change adwords attribution model AdWords Attribution Model Comparison Tool Last Click Maps the conversion to the last keyword the user click on before converting. keyword the user clicks on. Linear Allocate the conversion evenly across clicks on the path to conversion. Temporary depreciation the clicks that are closest to the conversion will have more weight.

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Attribution Models This Report Shows

According to the position the first and the last click get of the credit of the conversion. No matter what happens next, the user may click on an Phone List ad and not convert that day. You can see an ad on Facebook the next day, click and convert. In this case, AdWords will still record a conversion, because one of your ads was clicked on the path to that user s conversion. We will have conversions in our data from AdWords and from Facebook but really only conversion will have occurred.

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