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I say emerge because Google has not publish any news on the subject either in its official blog or in the AdWords blog, but thanks to our colleagues at Search Engine Land and the explanation of Andy Taylor from Merkle RKG , we can confirm that on Wednesday the th Google start the final transition to the new format appears to be complete more details below. Face with a change of this magnitude, we at Digital Menta have decid to share what the changes consist of and some thoughts about their consequences.

It Seems Very Important To Us

Nobody knows exactly what will happen to our belov search campaigns and we would like to open the debate with a little theoretical analysis Cyprus Phone Number List of the possible ramifications. What is the change? From now on, the advertising spaces for text ads in the Google SERPs will be reduce from to simultaneous ads , and they will only appear at the top or bottom of the page, never again on the side. The panel dedicated to Google Shopping that is activat when the search refers to a product, or the general information panels that appear when, for example.

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Following The Purest Google Tradition

You search for the name of a famous person, are freed from this change. This new format is applied to computers and tablets, and makes its interface much more similar to the mobile search experience . will appear only occasionally, when highly Phone List commercial searches are carrie out, that is, with high commercial intention. More details below. Example of search results with modifie SERPs. Updated SERPS search Screenshot in a search the SERPs Let’s see how the SERPs vary depending on the type of search The truth is that by performing multiple searches in various sectors it has been impossible for us to find an old fashioned SERP.

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