From Here We Look At The Groups Of Key Keywords

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at different matches is that the more specific the match type, the higher the bid. In other words, what we want to achieve through manual bidding is Broad < Modified Broad < Phrase < Exact . By bidding higher on a broad match keyword than on an exact match keyword, it is possible for the broad match to ‘ swallow ‘ up the impressions and clicks that should go to the exact one. One way to verify this is to make sure that at the account level the wides are ranked lower than the exact ones. CASE I want to find the keywords with room for improvement.

That Can Bring Me More

An example to apply this strategy is the following in this case, we want to find keywords that could improve performance through increased bids We have downloaded a campaign report and we have selected the campaigns that in the last Hungary Phone Number List days have had at least conversions to have more certainty about the data . of these campaigns, we remove the ‘bad’ ones for example those that have spent more than the CPA that we have as objective without conversions, etc and we stay with the groups that interest us. We take the keywords from these groups and apply similar logic to find keywords that we want.

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Conversions Within My Target

To optimize example of cases in which we do not want to increase the bid the keyword is an exact match and is already in position . the keyword has a CTR x below the average of the account and is in the first three positions the keyword has spent Phone List more than the Target CPA and has not brought conversions the difference between the Max CPC and the Avg CPC is not more of x , etc. These rules depend on the individual analysis of the account and the objectives that it has. We have finished with a sheet of keywords for example to increase the bid. What we would do in this case is divide the keywords by match and position and apply different settings for each case.

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