Functional module expansion Mexico Phone Number refers to the upgrade of basic product capabilities or the expansion of functional modules

The basic experience and capabilities of Tencent Documents mobile terminal need to be improv, especially the differentiat experience base on mobile Mexico Phone Number scenarios is particularly important, such as the aggregation processing of common editing capabilities on the mobile terminal, and the addition of voice input capabilities. The editing experience is better.

V. Gap & Advantages

  • Functional experience mainly refers to the gap in experience of existing functions, mainly refers to the compatibility and stability of functions;
  •  Basic capabilities refer to the fact that compar to competing products, Tencent Docs still lacks a lot of basic capabilities, mainly referring to the editing and collaboration management capabilities of forms and Mexico Phone Number documents; I personally think that the core factor affecting word-of-mouth is still functional experience, follow by functional improvement, so To maintain patience and focus on polishing each product function, the ultimate experience can create a high-quality reputation.

2. Advantages


  • The social relationship chain. Whether it is corporate. Wechat and tim in the office scene. Or wechat and qq mailbox. In the personal scene, the complete social. Relationship chain support by tencent products is beyond the reach. Of competing products. This advantage will help. Tencent docs can reach users more efficiently and widely, making tencent docs accessible, efficient and convenient in terms. Of acquisition and collaboration experience.
    High brand effect, brand is the inherent advantage. Of tencent products, and users will have a higher. Willingness. To acquire compare to competing products. At present, tencent documents emphasizes the principle of. Word-of-mouth first in product strategy, and is still expanding its own brand advantages.
    Personal free strategy. At present, domestic users have developed. The habit of paying for content, but the habit of paying for content is still to be cultivat. Therefore, free use is undoubtedly the killer advantage of tencent documents, which will directly determine many users. S choice. Access to external capabilities, the external capabilities. Of tencent docs, is essentially the performance. Of tencent’s system capabilities. Tencent docs, which has just started, is currently sharing data.
    The external capabilities. Of tencent docs are essentially. The performance of tencent’s system capabilities. Tencent docs, which has just start, has already start useful attempts in the. Fields of data sharing (stock) and intelligent applications (intelligent translation). It can be predict that in the future. Tencent docs will receive introduce. More external capabilities to provide. More differentiat user experiences that. Surprise users.
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Optimize the path


Here, I compare the product decision logic of my favorite product manager, Mr. Jun Yu, to sort out the path choice of this analysis, that is, how to make Tencent Documents the choice of more and more users.



  • [Tencent Documents User Experience – Competitive User Experience], from the results of the previous comparative analysis, Tencent Documents is first to improve the basic experience, and secondly to continuously expand the differentiat capabilities. The former is to complement the gap between competing products, and the latter is to use its own resources. Advantages create a differentiat experience.
  • [User replacement cost], the current domestic market is relatively blue ocean. For most users, there is no replacement cost problem. For the existing market, the free strategy of Tencent Documents is very attractive to them. Therefore, what needs to be done at present is Open up product social channels and improve product reachability.
  • [Summary], the basic experience upgrade is the foundation, and polishing the product to form a high-quality word of mouth is the premise of striving for internal channel resources, and the opening of the social channel capability means the beginning of Tencent Documents to surpass the curve. Based on the above analysis, it is conclud that Tencent Documents will be for a period of time in the future. product development path, as shown in the figure below.

1. Basic experience upgrade

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number
  • Competitive product analysis: Sort out the gap between the functional experience and basic capabilities of graphite documents (see the table below);
  • Demand collection: Collect 1,000 user feedbacks from Tencent Documents in the last 10 days, conduct basic statistical analysis, and evaluate the priority of current user needs;
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  • Function experience optimization, which refers to feedback on the experience of the existing functions of the product, the proportion of feedback is as high as 4%, and the priority is P0;
  • The basic ability is perfect, which refers to the relatively high-frequency basic ability that users currently desire. The feedback ratio is as high as 47.5%. The high frequency priority is P1, and the low frequency is P2 (tentative feedback frequency ≥ 5 is high frequency);
  • Functional module expansion refers to the upgrade of basic product capabilities or the expansion of functional modules. Generally, non-emergency high-frequency demand feedback accounts for 2%, and the priority is P3;

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