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Therefore, whatever position you work in marketing, you should create a Feedly to keep up to date with everything and continue training. You will always find interesting content and learn things about the sector that you probably didn t know about. There are thousands of blogs with tutorials, guides, resources, new ideas, etc. So you have free online training within reach of a click. . Analyze the competition Finally, you can create a tab called “Competition” with the blogs that you consider to be your main rival. In this way, you can follow what they are doing.

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What topics they give the highest priority, how many readers they have, what style they use, etc. Feedly Infografia Infographic Uses of the Feedly Tool Follow us on Feedly Still not following our Blog on Feedly? As you may already know, we create Ukraine Phone Number List quality content on Adwords, Landing Pages, Inbound Marketing and much more. If you don t want to miss anything we publish and use this tool, we recommend that you follow us on Feedly. on the green Follow on Feedly button that appears on the side. Another way to do it is to enter Feedly and enter the Digital Menta search engine.

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Finally you can also use the feedly search engine and write the url of the Blog Feed https es blog feed So far today s post. Can you think of more advantages of the RSS Feedly reader that we can incorporate into our Digital Marketing strategy? Do not Phone List hesitate to comment, and if you liked the post or it has been helpful to you, share. Sharing is living Instagram has finally become another advertising platform for businesses of all sizes. Many brands are already advertising on this Network. Why not try if it works for your business? Now, watch out Does it mean that advertising on Instagram is going to give you success yes or yes.

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