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Users use the network to talk about what worries them and to find out what is relevant at that moment, either through trends or the people or brands they follow. This offers brands a great opportunity to connect with their target audience and, thus, increase awareness and engagement, as well as other metrics more relate to direct response, such as traffic to our website or sales conversion, always without forgetting that Twitter is still a branding orient network . More and more brands are signing up for advertising on Twitter , since they see an opportunity to increase their business in the bluebird social network and Twitter makes the platform call.

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To promote our Tweets, Trends, Videos, or use Personalize Audiences to impact groups of existing and specific potential customers. These and Guangdong Phone Number List many other features can be found in Twitter Ads and are aim at helping us achieve our advertising goals . In future posts we will discuss these and more specific features that Twitter offers us with its advertising tool, but our objective today is to create a basic guide on how ads work on Twitter .  objective of our advertising campaign on Twitter Choose our audience in Twitter Ads Our budget for advertising on Twitter Our Creativities Select the objective of our advertising campaign on Twitter.

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The first step is to know what Twitter Ads is and, once we have decid to use advertising on Twitter to achieve a series of objectives, it is essential to Phone List understand how it should be structure. At the top level of the advertising structure we find the “Campaign”, and below it will be the ads that we want to create. At the campaign level we will have to choose the objective of our advertising . This objective is unique and share for all the ads in the campaign, therefore, if we intend to create ads with different objectives we must create different campaigns. Once we have decide to create an advertising campaign.

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