In order to compete with Russia for oil prices Iran had to continue to reduce prices

Do not support the war of aggression against Ukraine, Iran can also approach Russia “Iran and Russia are not allies,” a Middle East expert, told DW. He said that after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Iran hesitated for a while, but then repeatedly accused Russia of launching Kenya Phone Number List a war of aggression against Ukraine. “It’s very different from what is expected of an ally,” said. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba that Tehran rejects all wars in the world. In addition, the Iranian foreign minister assured the Ukrainian foreign minister that no drones will be exported to Russia. The relevant rumors are all propaganda by the United States.

Also believes that Iran’s proximity to

Russia does not need to express support for the war of aggression against Ukraine. Its pro-Russian purpose is to show the West that Iran has other options and that Iran still has influence outside the Middle East.  2022 Deutsche. Welle Copyright Notice. All contents of this article are protected by. copyright law and may not be used without the special authorization of Deutsche Welle. Any misconduct. will result in recovery and criminal prosecution. This article is reproduced. With permission from Deutsche. Welle  and the original text is published. Here Further reading Russia, Turkey and Iran Leaders Summit:

Three countries coordinate to avoid escalation

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in Syria and discuss Ukrainian grain exports It is difficult to increase oil production. the Saudi-Israeli relationship has not broken through, and the human rights position has regressed. Experts analyze that Biden’s trip to the Middle East has not made any diplomatic breakthrough Whatever the outcome of Biden s trip to the Middle East has nothing to do with Americans suffering from inflation The G20 focuses on geopolitics. What are the positions of the leaders of the four swing countries since the Russian-Ukrainian war? Join Key Comments Network Member Every day, wonderful and good articles. Will be delivered directly to your mailbox. and you will enjoy exclusive. Weekly editorial selections, current affairs selections, art and literature weekly and other special electronic newspapers. You can also leave a message to discuss the content of the article with authors, reporters, and editors.

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