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The institution is the top public university in the state of Michigan, offering about study abroad programs on six continents. The University of Michigan is also considere a public Ivy, due to its acceptance rate of admitting below one quarter of its overall application. Michigan is the best public university for students who love to be involve in fraternities, sororities, sports, etc. What is the University of Michigan Searching for in Students? Besides the acceptance rate at the University of Michigan, which requires good grades and high standardize test scores, there are other factors Michigan is looking for. The University of Michigan considers a student’s character and intellectual curiosity.

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The application readers at Michigan want to Thailand Phone Number List know about extracurricular activities, sense of person, leadership, and involvement in the community. Getting into the University of Michigan is not just all about good grades and high test scores, but your extra character as a person plays an important role in your application process. Also Read: Columbia University Acceptance Rate, SAT GPA, Tuition, Ranking Is It Hard To Get Into The University of Michigan? The University of Michigan is selective in its acceptance rate. The University receive over, applications for the class of, and only, of those applications were accepte. The admit rate at Michigan is below the national average for universities in the Unite States. Getting into Michigan will require a high GPA, SAT, and ACT. However, you can increase your chances of getting into Michigan by applying for the Early Action.

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Always keep a close tab on the University of Michigan by frequently visiting their official website to find out application dates and Home Universities and Colleges University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT ACT, GPA, Tuition U UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES University of Pennsylvania Phone List Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT ACT, GPA, Tuition by Chukwuemeka Gabriel June, The University of Pennsylvania is one of the best institutions in the world to obtain different levels of degrees but, its acceptance rate is a major concern in its admission process. In this article, we have analyze the chances of admission for all applicants at the University of Pennsylvania. The admit rate for Early Decision has also been include.


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