In This Space We Saw Many Very Useful Tools

Asana Tools for SMEs in the Management Cloud In addition to all its own advantages, it has many very useful integrations . We use two Instagantt, to have a visualization of the projects at the level of Gantt Diagrams and Everhour to control the time that we dedicate to each project and client and to be able to do profitability analysis. The biggest disadvantage is that we cannot link it with billing aspects to directly analyze the profitability of the projects. However, it is free for up to employees, so we recommend it to any SME. Everhour Project time management in the cloud Everhour is a tool.

That Allows You To Control

Simple way and that allows integration with Asana. To count the time spent with each client, either from the Asana interface or through a Afghanistan Phone Number List chrome plugin, we can activate the timer and deactivate it once the task is finish. Until recently it was a free tool, and recently they made it paid. In our case we pay but it offers us a lot of agility when it comes to doing profitability analysis and knowing if we are offering each client the best possible service. A big disadvantage again is that it is not relate to billing aspects, so we cannot do analysis directly. Everhour Time management for SMEs in the cloud.

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The Time Spent On Each Project In A Very Comfortable

Invoice Multi Currency Invoicing Tool Multi Currency Cloud Billing. Zoho Invoice is a tool from the Zoho group of tools. It costs per month and we select it because it allows the issuance of invoices in multi currency and on a recurring basis , greatly Phone List facilitating our invoice management. for SMEs, however we select this one since currently of our billing is international. Digisigner Contract document management tool for SMEs One of the first things we learn when we start working is that paper really is very expendable for almost most of the tasks that are done.

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