It always represents a challenge for the marketing department

Because you have to get the product to catch on with the audience. In addition, you must choose the launch price and have a well thought out launch strategy. Improve ROI . The return on investment is one of the most important marketing metrics, because it indicates the benefit that the investment made in marketing and advertising is bringing us. Introduce the company in new international or local markets . We can control a geographic sector of the market, but it is quite a challenge for marketers to open new horizons, both in other countries or cities. Increase business profits. The marketing plan can be to improve the economic results of the company during a certain period of time, for example during the next 2 years.


So a marketing objective is to optimize each phase of the funnel

Avoid abandonment Peru Phone Number and get them to end up buying or converting. Capture new leads . All sectors do not have the same facility for the direct sale of the product or service and the technique becomes capturing new users of  it’s no use getting a lot of hits if they don’t convert later. whom we have data, we can work on them over time and end up becoming customers. That is why an objective can be to improve the capture of leads, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Loyalty to customers .


The best customer is always an old customer

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Who already knows us is easier to come back to us again. So boosting loyalty marketing can turn out to be a very interesting goal. Increase sales . This is perhaps the most obvious goal of marketing and the one that many departments have as the highest priority. Sell ​​more, but the recommendation is not to do it at any price. Because it may turn out not to be beneficial. It’s no use getting a lot of hits if they don’t convert later.

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