It Can Be Determined That A Green Button Will Generate

We ve read studies that show colors work better than others, but we re sure you can t generalize about which color will increase your chances of conversion . a positive sensation, it will motivate us to click. but what if our corporate color palette is green? Perhaps, by designing a green button, we can hide it until it loses all relevance and goes unnoticed. We find it more effective to determine the color of our “calls to action” based on the concept of contrast and relevance . And, of course, the best way to find out the color that provides the best conversion rate is to test, test, test.

Assumption Make Sure That In

He finds the Call to Action, that sacred button, on the way. It is important to place our button in a visible and relevant position. To the left or 1000 Phone Numbers to the right? Centered? We do not believe that there is a more appropriate position than another as a rule. In fact, we believe that if the user experience is correct and the button has a suitable design and “call to action”, the number of conversions can be just as high by placing it within the “fold” as in a higher “toolbar”. Your message Essential, decisive… Just as the definition of our headline can be critical in the bounce rate of our landing page.

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The Visual Path That The User Is Going To Follow

A poorly planned “call to action” can drastically reduce our chances of conversion . There is no pattern to create the perfect claim, but we can give you some keys Offer something in exchange for the click ACCESS THE DOWNLOAD , for example Phone List Be explicit, rather than persuasive REQUEST A DEMO NOW , rather than DO YOU DARE? Be positive I WANT TO KNOW MORE Connect the message with the offer on your landing page Perfect Landing Page Example of a Landing Page with an effective Call To Action made by Digital Menta Why you.

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