It Is A Way Of Knowing Where Users Direct Their Gaze

Here we will be able to know how far our users are scrolling through our landing page, in percentages. We will also be able to know the average size of their screens average fold , something that is essential to take into account in the design process and in a CRO strategy. Move here we see, in a very similar way to clicks, the average position of the mouse. By comparing it with the click map, we can find out if we are directing the user correctly and if we are convincing him to click. Do they hang around our call to action and don’t click? Like the click map, the scroll map is only available for computers where a mouse is used to track.

Before Launching Into An Ab Test

Of your page. Recordings recordings of sessions with Hotjar An impressive tool where you can view real time recordings of user sessions . Here we can Saudi Arabia Phone Number List view videos automatically recorded by Hotjar of each user who visits our page. We will be able to see the mouse cursor, its path, its clicks and its scroll, all in a real time recording. Here you can see how long a user spends reading the texts on your page, how much it costs them to find the information they like, how much it costs them to click a button. Clicking a button is never as easy as you thought. In Hotjar Recordings.

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It Is Important That You Know The Weak Points

The video follows the user through all the URLs they visit during their session that have our project code installed. In addition, Hotjar allows you to filter the Phone List recordings by type of device mobile, computer, tablet , by browser, by pages visited, country, operating system. If you have a very different conversion rate between Windows and Mac users, here you will find the response. If your bounce rate is high on mobile, the recordings will also give you important insights. You can also make more complex filters to see only those recordings of the sessions that ended up on your thank you page , or those that left at a certain URL.

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