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Pull & Bear and Bershka could be considere the same advertiser and we would not consider that they were doing Double Serving if they share impressions, since they are different brands , even though both are part of Inditex . I will make a subsection at this point to clarify that I do not know if both brands are advertise for the same keywords and, therefore, this is not intend to be an accusation. I’m not even going to bother with whether they are doing it or not as that is not the focus of this article. So, are there cases where an advertiser could serve multiple accounts without this being considere Double Serving.

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That is Google But in principle it is possible to think that the same advertiser, with differentiate brands , with differentiate audiences or different catalogs , could try it as long as he is willing to assume the risk that this implies. Questions and answers China Phone Number List about it Do you recommend the Double Serving? No, it is not allow. And in these cases in which it could not be interpret as such. and should be studie within a global strategy. It could be adopte if it was in line with the objectives to be pursue. Always under your responsibility and assuming the risks that may entail.

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Main advantage? Increase percentage of available impressions greater exposure. Main disadvantage? Increase advertising cost. Finally, I would add Phone List that Google is free to change its policies at any time, as well as start applying them more or less strictly, just as it does with the design of its SERPS . Attention attention! News in sight! Today we present to you Facebook Canvas , a new landing system integrated into Facebook to facilitate mobile browsing Let’s go on a tour.

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