From the perspective of the Sweden Phone Number project dimension, the “dark line value” is intrinsic value and advanced value; to clarify the “dark line value”

Judging from the teacher’s academic background, industry Sweden Phone Number vision, teaching experience, theoretical support, professional influence, and scientific research background, if the project only has this part of the value, it is really overkill.

However, with the deepening of the exchange, when I learned that a ten-year cycle, chip-level dark line that can almost change the entire education industry gradually surfaced, I discovered that the bright line we just talked about is true. It’s just a small slag in the tip of the iceberg.

2. Bright and dark lines in work

“Bright lines” and “dark lines” are not only Sweden Phone Number reflecte. in projects, but also common in work items.

Combining the 1 on 1 process with several partners before, I found that no matter which product segment the partner is, or the partner in different growth stages, they will encounter a relatively helpless problem, that is, they often have to deal with some “repetitive work” from time to time. “.

What’s more, this kind of “repetitive work” basically takes up 70%-80% of the energy of the partners. Everyone is very distress about this. On the one hand, they feel boring and no growth, on the other hand, they must ensure the delivery of high-quality results on time.

In fact, here you can think about whether this work has its “dark line value”?

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

For example, a friend of mine needs to do several theme sharing sessions with about 50-300 people in a row for a period of time. In fact, I will also be invit to listen to one of the sharing sessions.

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When his sharing content was almost ready, I was pulled to listen to his trial lecture several times, and ask some somatosensory questions from the perspective of audiences with different acceptance levels to help him optimize the content.

Faced with a share that you have listen to at least 3 times, what would you do if you were ask to listen to it again? Is it quite similar to “How to deal with repetitive work?”?

I found his tone of voice, timing of white space, reaction to interaction, flexible organization of content, background extension add by on-site feedback, and more.

3. The bright line and the dark line in management

After talking about the project and the work, let’s chat about management.

In management, dark lines are also particularly important.

I happened to read a weekly newspaper last week that I was going to build my team into a “learning organization”. This is something I have done before, something that I have succeeded and failed, and I have always wanted to do it. thing.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular sharing mechanism? Every week or two weeks, everyone pulls together to share reflections, knowledge, interesting things, reading notes and so on. Everyone takes turns to arrange a timetable. No one can run. Is this a “learning organization”?

The answer is no, it will only embarrass the organizers and cause headaches for the participants.

A long time ago, I followed a product manager – Sterling Silver. He once implemented such a mechanism in his team: a 10-person professional content sharing event will be organized every week for three consecutive months, and Sterling Silver will prepare it by himself. Several heavyweight in-depth thinking and sharing, students who want to listen to the shared content must sign up for membership and prepare to share the content.

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