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Is everything as good as it seems In January more than 2 million people were already registere in the Clubhouse and according to RBC more than 5 million. According to close data from the analytical service AppAnnie during the week from February 10 to February 16 the audience of the voice social network Clubhouse in Russia grew 17 times and totals 137000 people. Of course the service appeare on time in the midst of a pandemic when people suffere from the lack of live communication. But what else attracts users around the world? Nothing more. With Clubhouse you can forget about the fee full of memes politics jokes photos of other people’s food and other rubbish. It is enough to open the room listen to the performance participate if you wish and close it after the broadcast.

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Chaos reigns in some rooms but Cayman Islands Phone Number List no one forces you to linger there. Opportunity to listen to famous personalities and even talk to them. In the random room you can run into Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg zuck23 Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey jackjack Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri mosseri actresses Paris Hilton parishilton Gwyneth Paltrow gwynethpaltrow and many others. Not without well known representatives of the Russian speaking audience. Already now you can find the founder of VKontakte Lev Leviev lleviev the founder of Mail ru Dmitry Grishin grishin representatives of Yandex popular actors and bloggers. The Clubhouse has its own party of IT specialists journalists marketers startuppers investors actors musicians.

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Clubhouse removes the wall between the listener and the speaker. New acquaintances and a way to express yourself. The simplest example you Phone List are a marketer. Enter the advertising trends room tell about yourself or ask a question attracting attention. In the future this may lead to cooperation. The social network allows you to find business partners or investors for projects. This is a great platform for collaborations. Well known speakers arrange broadcasts with each other and exchange audiences and then continue to collaborate on other platforms. Also Clubhouse allows not only to receive useful information but also to practice listening and talking with native speakers. There are still few Russian language chats in the application.


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