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It’s hard to imagine serving relevant ads and tracking sales and leads without third party cookies. A year ago when Google first starte talking about Interest Base Advertising FLoC Privacy Sandbox technologies they note that identifying groups of people with common interests could replace individual identifiers. The company now has evidence that this innovation will achieve almost the same results as cookies. The future of online advertising lies in the combination of new technologies such as FLoC and the experience gaine in the areas of analytics fraud protection and fingerprinting user identification by digital device fingerprints.

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Privacy sandbox FLoC proposal on Australia Phone Number List GitHub What Privacy Sandbox. Offers Google and its partners are working to improve. The protection of user data in several ways at the same time. They are developing new ways to analyze and target ads fight scammers and check traffic. Interest targeting Feerate Learning of Cohorts FLoC is a new technology for reaching users with relevant advertising and content by grouping them into groups with similar interests. This method will help people hide in the crowd and keep their web history secret. After creating simulations base on the principles of FLoC Google employees conducte testing. The results showe that FLoC could be a worthy replacement for third party cookies.

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The results of testing FLoC for reaching the target audience and. Google by interests prove to be positive and valuable for users and advertisers. It turne out that every dollar spent on an advertising campaign can bring at least 95% of conversions. The specific result is affecte by the setting of the clustering algorithm Phone List use by FLoC and the type of target audience. In March public testing of cohorts base on FLoC is planne and in the second quarter of 2021 Google Ads users will be able to join the test. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors you can start your own modeling following the example of Google Ads base on the FLoC technical documentation.

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