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To fully understand the selectivity at the University of Pennsylvania, here is what it’s been like. In the last few years, the University of Pennsylvania has been very selective in its admission process, sustaining an admit rate below. Every year, thousands of applicants apply to different degree programs at Penn. The applications receive at the university were both from domestic and international applicants. The number of admitte students in the class of is far less than the number of applications for the academic year. If you are wondering why the University of Pennsylvania is too selective in its admission process, then you should be aware of this. The University of Pennsylvania is among the famous Ivy League schools.

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A team of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Unite States. The popularity of the Ivies includes single digit admit rates, which explains the selectivity at the University of Pennsylvania. Besides these factors, the University of Pennsylvania offers one of the best eucation in any field of study through undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools. If you are intereste in attending the University of Pennsylvania, then kindly read this article for facts and statistics regarding admissions, requirements for applications, GPA, SAT, ACT, and more. University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate Table of Contents About The University of Pennsylvania Schools at the University of Pennsylvania.


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Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs University of Pennsylvania Rankings National Rankings State Rankings University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate GPA Requirement at the University of Pennsylvania SAT Requirement ACT Requirement The University of Pennsylvania Application Requirement Requirement for First Year Applicants Application Options Application Fee or Fee Waiver Official Phone List High School Transcript School Report Letters of Recommendation Mid Year Report Standardize Test Application Requirements for International Applicants English Language Proficiency Examination Admission Statistics at UPenn for the Class of Demographics Gender How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into the University of Pennsylvania.

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