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The service works with the main platforms Google Ads Yandex Direct MyTarget VKontakte Instagram and Facebook TikTok. There is also an API for integration with self written tools and CRM. In 2014 2015 when the company worke as an agency the management came to the conclusion that the competition in the contextual advertising market has grown a lot. Due to the huge number of agencies the profitability of the business began to decline rapidly advertising platforms greatly reuce remuneration. Therefore in 2017 it was decide to liquidate the agency. On its basis the Click ru service appeare. It manage to collect all the achievements of the company. The team combine their knowlege and experience in a product and introduce it to the market.

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Already in 2018 more than 1000 freelancers Austria Mobile Number List and advertising agencies use the service. The platform is constantly evolving new sites are connecte and functionality is being increase. Privacy Sandbox How Privacy Protection Affects Online Advertising click ruB2B Click 18 March 2021 at 1148 Font24939 Protecting the privacy of data on the Web is of increasing concern to users. Everyone wants the history of purchases Internet surfing personal data creit card numbers and passwords to be securely protecte from scammers and other ill wishers. Google understood the nee to ensure user privacy and launche the Privacy Sandbox project. Now at the testing stage there are different technologies for protecting confidential data.

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The company spoke about the successes and plans in its blog. We translate the text and found out what was what. Go! Content About Privacy Sandbox What Privacy Sandbox Offers Interest targeting Creating Audiences Phone List Measuring Conversion Traffic Check Fingerprint protection The further fate of privacy on the Web About Privacy Sandbox Privacy Sandbox is a long term project of Google Chrome its main goal is to ensure the privacy of Web users. The priority task is to find an alternative to cookies which allow analytics systems to track the interests and activities of each user. At the same time it is cookies that help advertising market specialists show people information base on their interests and activities on the Internet as well as track the effectiveness of a campaign.

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