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High School Transcript Ask your school counselor or other officials to submit your transcript, indicating your entire high school coursework and class rank. If your high school has no student rankings, UT Austin requires that you include your school statement explaining their policy and a copy of your school profile with a grade or GPA distribution report. Additionally, if you have obtaine any college creit during your time in high school, ask the college or university to submit your official transcripts to UT Austin. Additional materials to submit at UT Austin if applicable are; Permanent Resident Card Student Information Form Residency Affidavit Coursework Exemption Form Optional Materials Optional materials for first year applicants include.

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Expande Résumé If you have an Mexico Phone Number List expande resume that provides more information about your achievements, leadership positions, and activities, you can submit it to the office of admission at UT Austin. Standardize (SAT ACT) Test The University of Texas at Austin does not require an SAT or ACT score for the fall of application. However, if you are an applicant with high standardize test scores and you want it to be considere as part of your application, Indicate and submit them during your online application. Please note that UT Austin demands that you submit your official test scores by the appropriate deadline. Letter of Recommendation You can submit letters of recommendation from teachers in school who have taught you in academic core subjects.

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These letters can also come from your mentors or individuals who can give a good account of your behavior in and outside the classroom. Application Requirements for Applicants The University of Texas at Austin is a household name among Phone List prestigious public universities in the world. The UT Austin community is diverse, accommodating a large number of international students in different degree programs across schools and colleges. Many international applicants were among the freshman at the University of Texas at Austin for the class of, despite the acceptance rate at the institution. The application requirements at UT Austin are the same for all first year applicants except for high school transcripts and English proficiency tests for non native speakers.

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