One and a Half Months They Have Italy Phone Number

I usually have the last word. And this judgment, there will be another, there will be a fat book, if I publish my last words.

There is a kind of sign that I am sending power and owner of the palace – Vladimir Putin. They showed what they could do, as they wanted to be juggles. They said to me: “Look, we can turn the justice system of every body against the body, where you will come up against us.” Ordinary people who look at it think: “And if I encounter a legal system? Is there a case?”

However, the last word. I don’t know what else to say, your honor. Do you want to talk about God? Pathos is cut to the very end. I’m a believer, this is the theme of FBK’s sarcasm. I am a believer, and this helps me in my work: There are not many problems in my life, there is a book that is written clearly on what to do in all situations, but it is not easy for him, but for him generally try.

And then I wrote a man recently


He replied, and what do you write everything, do not give up, what do you have to endure? After all, it seems that you said that you believe in God, but you say “the truth thirsty and true and righteous, because they will be satisfied.” So you are Italy Phone Number the best. I feel this commandment as a guide for work. I do not enjoy my position. But I do not feel regret for what I returned, because I did everything well. On the contrary, I am satisfied, in the difficult time I did, because it should be in the instructions and the order was not submitted.

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Important. For modern men, this order is



Happy and true,” – it seems static and strange. Honestly, people who rely on him seem weird. Strange people sit with unkempt hair in the cell and try to please something, because they are more lonely and they don’t need anything. And our entire government is trying to say: “You alone.” It is important to disappear first, and then prove that you are alone. And this thing about feeling alone is very important for the purpose of power.

Well, because we’re legal people, well, what’s the order, Sir. And it’s about feeling lonely – seriously, that’s what one of the wonderful philosophers, half-lingo, remember in harry potter? “It’s important not to feel alone, because in Volan de Morta’s position, I want you to feel alone.” Of course, Motan de mot money is also wanted in the palace.


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