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English speakers English Proficiency Uganda Phone Number List Testing The University of Michigan requires all applicants who speak English as a second language to submit English proficiency test scores. Applicants can submit test scores from any of these English proficiency tests. TOEFL IELTS MET Duolingo Please note that Michigan’s requirements for international applicants may be different base on the applicant’s home country. You can visit the University of Michigan’s official website for more information. Admission Statistics at the University of Michigan The University of Michigan is selective in its admission process, admitting below one quarter of its overall applicants. Here, we take a look at the statistics of those admitte into the class of.

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Ethnicity White Asian International Hispanic or Latino African American: Native American: Not Indicate: Two or More: Gender Male: Female: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Michigan The acceptance rate at the University of Michigan is challenging for most applicants who intend to enrol in different degree programs. However, with these few tips, you can increase your chances of getting into Michigan. Apply Early Action The University of Michigan has an Early Action plan that allows applicants to apply to other schools Early Action Plan. Applying to the Michigan Early Action plan boosts your admission chances, especially if you are an out of state applicant. Also Read: Best Schools For Business in California.

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Obtain a High GPA While Taking Hard Classes The University of Michigan is highly competitive and requires an average GPA of. If your GPA is below this standard, engage in hard classes (AP or IB courses) available at your school. Write Interesting Essays Writing good essays is another way of increasing your Phone List chances of getting into Michigan. The admission committee at the University of Michigan wants to know about your character and intellectual interests. Stand out from other applicants at Michigan with your unique essay writing. Is the University of Michigan a Good School? The University of Michigan is one of the best public universities in the Unite State. It offers a collection of degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.

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