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Game Showcase Banner A short video Benin Phone Number List that is shown in the Game Showcase in OK. Pre roll a short video up to 30 seconds at the beginning of the main video on the VK OK platforms on the my Target network and on VK sites. The goal is to increase coverage. Super video is a responsive format that works across platforms devices and placements. Bumper Ads a short video up to 6 seconds place inside the content on social networks and advertising network sites. Rewarde video up to 30 seconds. Place of display mobile applications of the advertising network. After viewing a person is given the opportunity to use the application play the game or receive ingame currency. You can learn more about ad formats in MyTarget Help.

Benin Phone Number List

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If you plan to do a large number of test launches of contextual and targete advertising it will be convenient for you to work from one personal account. To do this you can use the Click. service. You will have access to over 15 ad automation tools. We also have an affiliate program whose participants can receive rewards as a percentage of advertising costs. Find out what other benefits Click. gives you now! Cloud drives where to store information if it is not possible to pay for foreign services click.B2B Click April 14 2022 at 1008 Font04470 Recently it has become much more difficult to pay for places in foreign cloud storages. For most users this option is completely gone. Also the placement of files on server facilities abroad does not inspire confidence.

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Because of this many pay attention to the domestic market. What service can replace Open Drive and Google Drive? We offer a list of Phone List solutions that you can pay with Russian bank cards and then use without the risk of access being close. All these services have server capacities in Russia and operate in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Feeration. Content Cloud Mail. Yandex. Disk Sber Disk MTS Second Memory Tele2 Disk Cloud Beeline Alternative to thirdparty services and general conclusions Cloud Mail. Website http scloud mail ru.  Despite the rebranding in 2021 when Mail. Group became VK the name of the cloud storage has not change Mail Cloud.

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