Pinduoduo’s “rural encirclement of the city” battle Turkey Mobile Number

When Pinduoduo move from “outside the Fifth Ring Road” to Nasdaq, Kuaishou gaine hundreds of millions of users outside the mainstream, and Qutoutiao quietly develope to 40 million DAU, “sinking market” or “emerging market” has become a trend in recent years. hot word.

However, what many people ignore is that Turkey Mobile Number outside the Fifth Ring Road is the base of “Pinduoduo”, but Pinduoduo will eventually have to complete a siege to occupy the center of the market and complete their second-stage leap.

But this reverse development is not easy. Pinduoduo’s development model design for sinking, as well as the deep brand imprint outside the fifth ring, the most important thing is to fight head-on with the opponents in the fifth ring, all for Pinduoduo. Moving to the city adds a lot of uncertainty.

Slow companies and fast hands are becoming wolves

After Kuaishou release an internal letter in June this year, announcing that it plann to reach 300 million DAU before the Spring Festival, you can clearly feel that Kuaishou has accelerate its pace: Kuaishou not only wants to win more “old irons”, but also expands users in first- and second-tier cities share.

A recent major change on the Kuaishou product side is the up and down sliding feed flow mode of the Kuaishou concept version test, which has been applied to the new version of Kuaishou products. The original dual feed flow mode has been move to the attention column on the second page. The dual feed stream mode respects the user’s choice more, and the single feed stream that slides up and down focuses more on algorith


Pinduoduo tore off the label outside the five rings

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Pinduoduo is a typical example of the rise of the market outside the Fifth Ring Road, and it has developed rapidly in the sinking market that Taobao and ignored. However, Pinduoduo, which has grown up, is also facing the problem of market ceiling restrictions. Although the sinking market still has growth dividends, the stock market in first- and second-tier cities is huge enough that Pinduoduo cannot ignore the market in the fifth ring and do hard work. Next market expansion.

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