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Application Requirements for International Applicants The University of North. Carolina at Chapel Hill has the same first year application requirement for both. Domestic and international students except for the application for aid and English proficiency. English Proficiency. Test International applicants who are non native speakers of English or who received instructions in a different language other than English must provide a test score. Required English Proficiency Test and Scores TOEFL or TOEFL iBT Home Edition Minimum score or above. IELTS Academic Minimum score. or above.

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Also Read Motivation For The Week Costa Rica Phone Number List Achieve Anything Application. Dates and Deadlines Deadline Early Action Regular Decision. Application and Fee or Waiver October January Residency October January Supporting Materials and. Test Scores November February Financial Aid March March. Decisions Released January March Enrollment Decision if Admitted May May Source https www.unc.edu How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into UNC Chapel Hill The acceptance rate at. UNC Chapel Hill is highly competitive yet several applicants are admitted into the institution. If you want to become the next freshman at UNC Chapel. Hill and outdo other applicants applying these strategies will boost your admission chances.

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Apply Early Action We already explained the acceptance rate for Early Action at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Early Action program at UNC Chapel Hill is flexible and non binding and you are not committed to attending the university until May st. If you are certain that UNC Chapel Hill is your Phone List choice then you should apply in Early Action to enhance your admission chances. Write Interesting Essays Any application with an excellent high school GPA and standardized test scores can get into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill easily.

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