Poland Phone Number Jay Chou’s live broadcast broke the record, 110 million fans squeezed into Kuaishou

jay Chou’s Kuaishou exclusive live broadcast was officially launched, sharing the secrets that can be said about the new work. As the top streamer in the Chinese music scene, the live broadcast continues to grow in popularity. The number of reservations exceeded 10 million. Poland Phone Number Two days before the live broadcast, the number of followers of the account increased by 6.009 million, and the number of followers of the account reached 42.142 million. This article will share with you the content behind Jay Chou’s record-breaking live broadcast.

1. Jay Chou’s fast-hand live broadcast broke the world record

After half a month of warm-up, Jay Chou’s live broadcast finally came.

On the evening of July 18, Jay Chou’s live broadcast on Poland Phone Number Kuaishou broke the record. It is reported that before the live broadcast, the number of reservations has exceeded 10 million, and Kuaishou officially stated that it will apply for the Guinness World Records for Jay Chou.


Source: Kuaishou Xingwen

It is worth noting that the live broadcast lasted only 42 minutes, but the cumulative number of viewers exceeded 110 million, the highest real-time online viewers exceeded 6.54 million, and the interaction volume in the live broadcast exceeded 450 million.

This set of data not only surpassed the number of viewers of Jay Chou’s Kuaishou debut in 2020, but also surpassed the 5.26 million viewers of Jackie Chan’s Kuaishou debut last month.


And this wave of traffic effects is so exaggerated that “delivering milk tea”

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

Live broadcast data has brought a new traffic dividend to Kuaishou, and many people in the industry are feeling that Kuaishou has dug up a “traffic bonanza”. Poland Phone Number Chou, who has debuted for more than 20 years, actually only has an account on the Kuaishou platform. 

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After this exclusive live broadcast, Kuaishou also took advantage of the opportunity to open the “Jay Chou Online Friends Club” reservation activity, which is the usual online concert, and fans can order songs to interact and learn about the latest related information.

About 1.96 million reservations

The hot traffic brought by Jay Chou is just a microcosm of the Poland Phone Number Kuaishou star territory. Data shows that as of June 2022, the Kuaishou platform has a total of 2,000+ star accounts, and the overall number of fans has reached 870 million.

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