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Application Fee or Fee Waiver Pay a non refundable application fee ofwhen submitting your application online. Secondary School Report Your school counselor should submit your official transcript online to the admission committee at John Hopkins. Additionally, your school counselor should also write a letter of recommendation for you and send it to Johns Hopkins University. Two Teacher Evaluation Johns Hopkins requires that you provide an evaluation from two teachers. The evaluations from the teachers should be able to give an account of your personality and your involvement in academic activities. Mid Year Report Newly admitte Early Decision students and Regular Decision applicants are require to submit a mid year report and transcript as soon as they are available.

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Your mid year report must be submitte by Malaysia Phone Number List your school counsellor, with the update transcript of your senior year. Standardize Test Due to the disruption cause by the COVID pandemic, test scores are optional at Johns Hopkins University for the academic year. Applicants without test scores to submit during their application to Johns Hopkins are not at a disadvantage. However, if you are an applicant with test scores, you can submit them to admissions at Johns Hopkins. Undergraduate Admission Statistics Here is a holistic statistic for undergraduate admission for the class of. Applicants:, Enrolle:, Ethnicity Asian: White: International: Hispanic and Latino: Native American: African American: Unknown: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Johns Hopkins Johns.

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Hopkins Universitys single digit acceptance rate is very competitive, and applicants who were admitte into the class of, had average grades and test scores to secure their place at Johns Hopkins. If you want to become the next freshman at Johns Hopkins Phone List University, you should consider taking these measures. Apply Early Decision An application in Early Decision will boost your admission chances at John Hopkins. The admit rate for Early Decision is , and it’s less selective when compare with that of Regular Decision. When you apply via the Early Decision, you should be aware of the mandatory matriculation impose by Johns Hopkins once you are admitte. If you are certain Johns Hopkins University is your first, then you should apply to the Early Decision.

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