Pseudopolyps are usually caused by mucosal ulceration

Text: Lu Baiwen (Gastroenterologist, Shuanghe Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, New National Hospital, Taipei Medical University)

Many people think they have colorectal  cancer when they test for colorectal polyps Kazakhstan Phone Number or test positive for fecal occult blood. In fact, colorectal polyps are not uncommon, and not all colorectal polyps are related to colorectal cancer.

In simple terms, colorectal polyps are protrusions on the mucosa of the intestinal wall that protrude toward the lumen. Most of them are asymptomatic, but they may cause bleeding or ulcers, and may also develop into cancer. This article will briefly introduce some of the more common colorectal polyps.

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Inflammatory Polyps

Inflammatory polyps are non-neoplastic protrusions of the colorectal mucosa in the lumen, composed of interstitial and epithelial tissues and inflammatory cells.

1. Inflammatory pseudopolyps

Pseudopolyps are usually caused by mucosal ulceration and regeneration due to inflammation (eg, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.). Morphologically, pseudopolyps are remnants of the intestinal mucosa that are sunken with surrounding inflammation, usually within 2 cm in size, and may be pedunculated or sessile.

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