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For example, I seem to suddenly hear people talking about “growth hacker” and “growth hacking”. And you too? I typed these terms into Google Trends and there seems to be a sudden new interest in the concept. 0511-pile-marketing-18 18. Blog Topic Builder Confused about ideas? Give Hubspot’s blog topic generator a few names that describe your content areas and it’ll have you coughing up a week’s worth of post ideas. 0511-pile-marketing-19 19. Content Ideas Generator Enter a keyword for a fun and irreverent suggestion from Portent’s content idea generator. 0511-pile-marketing-20 Free reading and writing tools These tools offer help with readability, keyword density, spelling, and grammar. Advertising Continue reading below 20. Readability Drag the Readability bookmarklet to your toolbar to convert any content on the web into a simple, easy-to-read format with an estimate of how long it will take.

Optimization tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas is a unique insight.

Also check out the other Luxembourg Phone Number bookmarklet options here, including one that sends longer content to your Kindle to read later. 0511-pile-marketing-21 21. Hemingway Simple, clear writing – we all strive for this. Get a little help with Hemingway. Paste a passage into the app and you’ll get an analysis that highlights overly dense passages, unnecessary adverbs and more. 0511-pile-marketing-22 22. On-Page Optimization Tool This free on-page optimization tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas is a unique insight into what is happening on a specific page of your site. Add a URL and see statistics on keyword density, internal and external links, etc. 0511-pile-marketing-23 23. After the Deadline A Chrome extension, After the Deadline checks spelling, style, and grammar everywhere you go on the web. 0511-pile-marketing-24 24.

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Luxembourg Phone Number

Follow earwork also offers other cool Twitter features like the ability to compare followers from different accounts.

Readability Test Tool Enter a web address or block of text into the readability test tool for an easy-to-understand analysis of your content. This tool measures a ton of different readability scores and explains each one well. 0511-pile-marketing-25 Free Twitter Marketing Tools These tools help you maximize your presence on Twitter, from timing to sharing to analytics. Advertising Continue reading below 25. Save post Instantly find passages under 140 characters with Save Publishing, a handy bookmarklet that highlights tweetable passages on your screen. Post to Twitter with a single click (or Buffer just by highlighting a passage and clicking the Buffer extension) 0511-pile-marketing-26 26. Followerwonk We hope you’ve heard of Followerwonk, one of Buffer’s many amazing social media partners. In addition to offering a lot of super useful Twitter timing data, Follow earwork also offers other cool Twitter features like the ability to compare followers from different accounts.

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